Land Acquisition

The Medicine Waters Conservancy is dedicated to protecting lands in the Pine Barrens through
acquisition and caretaking. Many of these natural areas have already been lost to development or spoiled by pollution and misuse. There is hope. We can make a difference. The lands highlighted below are the immediate focus of the conservancy.

Areas in Need of Preservation

There are a number of tracts west of the Garden State Parkway and north of Highway 532 that sit amongst already preserved lands. Because of the fragile nature of the pines, these preserved lands are in jeopardy as long as the threat of development remains within their midst

These areas are also threatened by continuing misuse by off-road vehicles. Many areas of forest and wetlands have been destroyed by inappropriate use by these vehicles. It will take a great deal of time and effort to restore them to their original health, which is why these are a top priority for us.

The Medicine Waters Conservancy also identified these specific areas in the Pine Barrens because of their role and importance in the Tracker School community as areas special to Grandfather, Tom Brown Jr. and the thousands of students who have learned and grown on them.

All of these lands are of tremendous value which is why we are proceeding with the fund raising. Our ability to make any purchase will be determined by the funds we are able to raise. To learn more about the fund raising project, please visit the Support Us page.

Please join us by volunteering and donating to make these purchases possible.